Why Use Amp Agronomy Fertilizer?


Why Use Amp Agronomy Fertilizer?

What makes Amp AgronomyTM, a liquid nutritional line built on industry-changing Catalyst TechnologyTM, the most efficient nutrient delivery system available today? How does its use result in far greater plant uptake with far less product? Why is the yield generated by its use so superior in all essential measurables?

The answer is simple—that is, if you understand the importance of soil to successful plant uptake. The magic that Amp Agronomy achieves is the result of remarkably extensive research, detailed development and careful execution.

It’s fair to say it’s pretty simple to understand the proven science behind the awe-inspiring results Amp Agronomy generates…if you’re an experienced agronomist with a penchant for detail. Amp Agronomy is built upon:

  • Nano-technology,
  • Ultrasonic cavitation,
  • Reverse osmosis,
  • Carbon solubility,
  • Microbe survival,
  • Energy signature,
  • Surfactant chemistry,
  • Energy production,
  • Nutrient cycling,
  • Carbon nitrogen balance,
  • Chelation,
  • Reduced abiotic stress,
  • Proper complexing, and
  • Carbon ortho-phosphate technology.


Simply stated, Amp Agronomy, with its state-of-the-art nano-sized nutrients, substantially enhances crop growth through a patented technology that makes those nutrients more plant-available. The effectiveness of its Catalyst Technology is built upon a proprietary formulation that neutralizes electrical charge and prevents the formulation of insoluble compounds. It is important to note that feeding soil nutrients in a manner that renders them essentially useless, as other approaches inadvertently do, is expensive in both cost and environmental impact. Amp Agronomy, through its focus on its unique blend of nano organic carbon and amino acids, changes everything by enabling microbe growth to flourish. The result: a bigger, better yield!

The core of the Amp Agronomy methodology is its active amino carbon complex, which acts as an ultra-efficient vehicle to move nutrients into the plant via foliar penetration or root uptake. Once applied, soil fertility is vastly enhanced through the accelerated reproduction of beneficial microorganisms as well as through enhanced nutrient availability and uptake. The impact of its use is indisputable: a higher quality, increased yield with drastically reduced input rates. In addition to achieving more with less, the use of Amp Agronomy actually provides a positive environmental impact. It promotes plant health through more effective nutrition, increases plant cell wall strength and substantially enhances root and plant growth by maximizing the plant’s ability to store carbohydrates and manage moisture. If you are interesting in learning other ways that you can help protect the environment, then consider reading more at sustainability for life

It is equally important to note that Amp Agronomy features a complete line of foliar products that not only boost the strength of the plant and soil, but also do so at far lower application rates, typically only one to two quarts per acre. Better still, the experienced Amp Agronomy team of agronomic experts, chemists and crop consultants are fully prepared to further customize solutions for specific crops or applications based upon a complete soil analysis.

Amp Agronomy is changing the way the world grows! A bigger, better yield at astonishingly lower application rates translates to far greater profitability and a better future for our children’s children. The more you know, the more 2018 promises to be your year to become “Amp-amazed.”