Amp Hydro 13-13-13: A Carbon-Based Liquid Hydroseeder Formulation

Amp Hydro 13-13-13: A Carbon-Based Liquid Hydroseeder Formulation

Amp Hydro 13-13-13™ is designed as a carbon-based liquid hydroseeder formulation that uses a standard blend of nutrients. However, you will only need to use about one gallon per acre of it in comparison to about 70 lbs. of a conventional hydroseeder, making it less expensive with less amount of product, and easier to carry up a hydroseeder ladder. With the use of Catalyst Technology™, which is used behind all Amp Agronomy products, Amp Hydro 13-13-13’s mixture also comes with a full micronutrient package. The product is carbon-based, which means it is designed with the inclusion of carbon, amino acids, fulvic acids, humic acids, and the longer chain humin acid in the mix. This allows and gives seeds an excellent start for germination.

Amp Hydro 13-13-13 Features:
  1. Quicker seed establishment,
  2. Less expensive due to a smaller amount of product,
  3. Liquid hydroseeder is easier to transport in a jug,
  4. Resists soil tie-up.

Below is a Turf’s Up Radio podcast of Amp Agronomy’s Chief Science Officer, Pete Grosso, discussing some of the details to what makes this hydroseeder formulation so much different than other conventional hydroseeders. Learn more about the design and development behind this new product, and how it can be good for you on your next hydroseeding project.

Amp Hydro 13-13-13 Podcast


Fun Fact: The U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers spec. Amp Hydro 13-13-13 on the levee systems in New Orleans to help prevent soil erosion for safety precautions following Hurricane Katrina.

Amp Hydro 13-13-13 is powered by Catalyst Technology, which works to protect nano-sized nutrients with encapsulation that prevents soil tie-up. Catalyst Technology ensures extended nutrient availability for newly establishing seeds in a low pressure homogenized, stable mixture where every drop contains an identical formulation.

Download the Amp Hydro 13-13-13 sales sheet and label below. To learn more, visit our Amp Hydro 13-13-13 product page or Contact Us.