Why Use Amp Agronomy?

Amp Agronomy™ is a carbon-based foliar nutritional line built on Catalyst Technology™ that makes nutrients more plant available. With the use of Catalyst Technology, all Amp Agronomy products were designed to be environmentally responsible, cost effective, easy to transport, and to provide nutrients to your turf, crops, sod, and ornamentals as efficiently as possible. Learn more by watching some of the videos below, or visit our Catalyst Technology page.

Environmental Responsibility

Our products are described as environmentally responsible without the loss of yields or monetary gain.

Cost Effectiveness

When you compare Amp Agronomy products with other fertilizers, Amp Agronomy uses about two quarts per acre whereas dry fertilizer may use around 70 pounds per acre. Our pricing is set at quarts per acre, making Amp Agronomy more cost effective.

Ease of Transportation

There is always a cost to getting fertilizer to your farm. One tote of Amp Agronomy is about 250 gallons that covers 500 acres. This 500 acres fits in the back of your 1.5 ton pick-up truck.

The Importance of Carbon

Carbon is required in the soil and by the plant for nitrogen metabolism. If nitrogen inputs are not balanced with a source of carbon, the nitrogen applied is not properly utilized.