Corn Research

Trial Results

Date: October, 9 2015

Crop: Corn, Crop Code ZEAMX/Variety 28HR20.

Geographic location: Valdosta, GA.

Farm Name: C&P Growers Inc

Acres Treated: 80 Acres

Products Covered: Root Force – as compared to Grower standard starter 10-34-0

Application Rates: Root Force@ 2 qt/A with VS Grower Standard 5 G/A 10-34-0

Planting Details– Rate-37000 S/A- Depth 1.5”- Row Spacing 38”- Within Row 4.5” – Planting Date 4/21/15- Harvest equipment Gleaner Combine

Crop Protection Inputs: Round-up, Atrazine, Halex GT, Warrant.


The purpose of this trial was to compare Root Force at a rate of 2 qt per acre against the grower standard of 5 gallons of 10-34-0 per acre. Both received standard crop protection inputs listed above. The data below shows the yield data for this 3 rd party independent trial.

6 B/A Increase per acre

Root Force ­ 157 B/A

5 Gallons 10­34­0 ­ 151 B/A

Catalyst Enhances Corn Yield & Per Acre Profit

Solutions For Corn

Gaining optimum yields from corn crops literally starts at the ground level, ensuring that roots have proper nutrition to enhance plant growth. And for full kernel set and maximum yield, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that aiding the plant’s ability to metabolize nitrogen into proteins will generate greater returns.

Starter Efficiency & Yield Increase:

Corn crops require phosphorus for efficient root development and optimum growth, yet as much as 98 percent of conventional phosphorus applications are lost through tie-up in the soil and leaching into ground and surface water. Root Force , is protected from ionic soil tie-up through complexing carbon with amino acids – which also provide energy for plant growth. The result is greater plant response at substantially lower rates per acre of application. In a two-year side-by-side trial of 2 qt./acre of Root Force compared with 5 gal./acre of Ammonium Polyphosphate (10-34-0), the corn crops treated with Root Force showed a significant yield increase and a higher return on investment.

The fact that the Root Force application was more than a 90% reduction in phosphorus inputs makes the results all the more noticeable. Additionally, post season testing in both test areas showed higher reserve phosphorus in the soil treated with Root Force than with 10-34-0, further demonstrating the higher nutrient efficiency and reduction of soil tie-up with the Catalyst solution. As one Midwest grower noted in a letter to his peers, “This spring I had a friend that encouraged me to take a look at a unique starter fertilizer called Root Force. His results? “Higher yields (especially on soils with low levels of phosphorus, high pH, and low pH), better stands in a dry environment with low salt index, and longevity to equipment.” In a separate trial of a Conventional treatment program compared to a Catalyst program of Root Force plus 0LFUos, not only were yields and net revenue increased through the Catalyst program, but both phosphorus and nitrogen inputs were significantly reduced. This provided financial benefit to the grower and a more sustainable result for environment. A measurable “win-win” for the grower.

Catalyst Achieve Results:

Providing nutrients that enhance crop growth and yield is another essential aspect of producing optimum return. Achieve, a balanced combination of plant nutrients that facilitate nitrogen metabolism, has been recognized by growers around the world as an effective solution for enhancing crop set and yield. Through a single application of Achieve, it has been shown that this Catalyst product solution can effectively increase overall bushels per acre, providing a significant return-on-investment to the grower.