Mega Cal: The Superior Calcium Product

Mega Cal: The Superior Calcium Product

Mega Cal™️ contains more than 70 essential nutrients that are plant available, helping build stronger plants and enhanced soil conditions for optimum uptake. Sports turf managers, golf course superintendents and farmers have all understood the importance of calcium in a plant with frequent applications of gypsum. However, gypsum is not a product that acts immediately. Powered by Catalyst Technology™️, Mega Cal provides the industry’s most cost effective solution for efficient calcium nutrition and is designed to get calcium to your plant to resolve your plant’s needs fast.

Listen to a Turf’s Up Radio podcast with Pete Grosso, Amp Agronomy’s Chief Science Officer, as he discusses Mega Cal, the importance of calcium and what makes Mega Cal different from other calcium products on the market.

Mega Cal Podcast


Fun Fact: Mega Cal was the first product to be developed under the Amp Agronomy name.

Mega Cal is a Catalyst Technology reacted plant nutrient high in calcium. Catalyst Technology nano-sizes nutrients to deliver them to the plant in its plant-available form while chelating nutrients to prevent soil lock-up with other nutrients in the soil. Mega Cal can be applied at one to two quarts per acre.

To learn more about the differences between Mega Cal and SurCal+ as mentioned in the podcast, check out our Mega Cal vs. SurCal+ and the Importance of Calcium blog. This blog further discusses the importance of calcium and its rolls in the plant as well as what a calcium deficiency commonly looks like and the mobility and uptake of calcium in plants. Learn more about the Mega Cal product on our More Info page or Buy Now.