2015 Tomato and Soybean Crop Performance Catalyst Field Trial


Coordinated by Dick Bossdorff and Randall Zondag

Bowling Green, Ohio

Field Trial 1: Tomatoes


During the 2015 growing season a test of Catalyst at a low application level was made to determine impact on yield and quality.  A 30-acre field containing two commercial varieties HEINZ 9706 and Gem 259 were sprayed 4 times with 30 gallons of water per acre containing 1 quart of Catalyst (25ppm).  Total application was 1 gallon. of Catalyst with a concentration of 8.5%.

Hand Harvest Test of Field 1 Prior to Mechanical Harvest

On September 1, 2015 each variety was tested to determine yield.  Data collected was obtained by hand harvesting 9 random plants.  This method was replicated 3 times.

HEINZ 9706 showed increased yield per acre of 1.22 tons

Gem 259 showed increased yield per acre of 6.11 tons

Mechanical Harvest of Field 1 Field 1- September 15, 2015 – Acres Harvested .866 – HEINZ 9706 ONLY

Catalyst increased yield of HEINZ 9706 by 3.59 tons/acre with an increased return of $413.92/acre