What is Nano Technology? Why are Microbes Important?

What makes Amp AgronomyTM, a foliar nutritional line built on Catalyst TechnologyTM, so incredibly effective? How does its use result in far greater plant uptake with far less product? How does Amp Agronomy generate superior yield in all essential measurables?

The answer is simple. That is, if you understand the importance of soil to successful plant uptake. The magic that Amp Agronomy achieves is the result of remarkably extensive research, detailed development and careful execution.



Simply stated, Amp Agronomy, with its state-of-the-art nano-sized nutrients,  enhances crop growth through its patented Catalyst TechnologyTM that makes those nutrients more plant-available. It’s important to note that feeding the soil nutrients in a manner that renders them essentially useless is expensive in both cost and environmental impact. Instead, Amp Agronomy, through its nano-sized nutrients and focus on carbon ortho-phospate technology, enables microbe growth to flourish. The result: a bigger, better yield!

Amp Agronomy features a complete line of foliar products that not only boost the strength of the plant and soil, but also are more environmentally friendly due to ultra low application rates, typically only one to two quarts per acre.

Even better still, the experienced Amp Agronomy team of agronomics, chemists and crop consultants provide real-life solutions to aid in optimum yield. Custom solutions can be developed for specific crop or application based on a complete soil analysis.

Amp Agronomy is changing everything!  Size does matter. Nano-sized wins! Isn’t it time you got growing in a big way…by benefitting from the development and employment of nano-sized nutrients? 2018 promises to be your year to become Amp-Amazed.