Amp Agronomy Uses Carbon, Unique Chelation and Complexing for Greater Foliar Efficiency

Amp Agronomy Uses Carbon, Unique Chelation and Complexing for Greater Foliar Efficiency

Using the carbon cycle and a unique chelation and complexing process as fundamental elements, Amp Agronomy products were developed to aid the everyday growing needs of sod producers, sports field and golf course managers and the agriculture industry.

These advanced nutritional products promote efficient foliar feeding processes that increase plant response, minimize leaching and increase plant yield. Science is in the success of the Amp Agronomy line which incorporates the following five disciplines of chemistry into each product:

  • Inorganic Chemistry or non-carbon plant nutrients that are needed as charged particles, or ions, in plant metabolism,
  • Organic Chemistry that focuses on carbon-based compounds since everything that has metabolic function contains carbon,
  • Soluble Carbon Chemistry that makes carbon readily available and able to complex to facilitate the intense demand placed on turfgrass and crops,
  • Surfactant Chemistry that aids critical water movement throughout plants,
  • Energy Signature which is the amount of energy associated with molecules and compounds in the nutrient mixtures.


Because the carbon cycle is a fundamental part of life and soil organic carbon is the basis of soil fertility, Amp Agronomy products target carbon to unlock the potential of microbes and promote the organic growth of microbe populations. Microbes depend on organic carbon compounds and nitrogen for growth. Amp Agronomy products work to achieve the right carbon/nitrogen balance to promote the natural release of nitrogen and phosphorus. This allows the use of less product to achieve better results.

Amp Agronomy uses a unique chelation and complexing process that greatly improves the uptake of nutrients into the plant. A technical discussion of chelation can require a background in chemistry to understand, but the basic principle is this: chelates are a thin organic coating put around an inorganic nutrient to keep the nutrient from becoming insoluble and therefore unavailable to the plant. The bond between the organic coating and the inorganic nutrient must be strong enough to protect the nutrient, but weak enough to release the nutrient once it gets into the plant. Also, the chelating agent must not be harmful to plants.

Most fertilizer companies use an ingredient called EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) as the thin coating. While not necessarily harmful, many consider EDTA a toxin that the plant must first process to get to the nutrients it needs. Amp Agronomy products are EDTA free, rather they use essential amino acid and carbon technology to create the coating that allows all elements of the fertilizer to be utilized by the plant. The results are a greater yield and lower abiotic stress. This improved process is utilized in the manufacture of all Amp Agronomy products.

Distributed by GCO Inc. and marketed by Sod Solutions, Amp Agronomy features a series of foliar products that are recommended once areas of deficiencies are identified by a soil sample test. These products are:

  • Root Driver, which protects the phosphorous and gives turf the nutrients it needs, when it needs it.
  • K&P, which combines ionic potassium with phosphorus to provide the optimum solution for strong turf.
  • Mega Cal, a highly soluble, cost-effective solution for efficient calcium nutrition.
  • SurCal+, which adds an important surfactant to carry the calcium where it is most needed, while also lowering surface tension for better water movement.
  • Ultimate, which provides the optimum solution for strong and vibrant turf with a combination of complexed and chelated ionic nutrients.
  • Carbon Karma, which helps grow more robust turf, while lowering overall nutrient inputs and increasing plant available nutrients.
  • Macro Micro, which provides the right balance of micronutrients in a reacted form for ready plant uptake.
  • Max Amino, a water soluble organic nitrogen fertilizer with 18 L-Amino acid derived exclusively from vegetable proteins.
  • Petro 30-0-0, which releases the proper amount of nitrogen to the plant to avoid nitrate losses from the soil.
  • Renew 911, which is designed exclusively for re-sodding, re-sprigging and reseeding on sod farms where disturbed soils lack the nutrients required for fast establishment.
  • TB-3, which brings agronomic and bio-chemistry advances in growth hormones to sports field turf and professional sod producers in a package that also includes vital nutrients for growth.
  • CAN 18-3-3, a powerful mix of short, medium and long chain carbons that increase nutrient uptake to the plant.