Golf: Soil Moisture

About Soil Moisture Management

Soil moisture management is key to the safety and playability of golf greens, roughs, and fairways. The amount of moisture present in your soil, or lack thereof, contributes to the overall ability for turfgrass to absorb nutrients through the root zone. Weather also has a huge impact on turfgrass playability as too much rainwater can create unstable conditions due to excessive soil water content.

Sod: Soil Moisture Management

About Salinity Management

Water and soil chemistry contribute to the difficulty of properly hydrating the sod root zone. Soil structure plays a huge role in soil moisture management because water must pass through the soil to reach the root zone. Proper plant-available calcium helps maintain a chemical balance in the soil and allows for soil hydration and micro pore space. This is the only location where roots can absorb water and nutrients.