After establishment, turfgrass needs proteins for development and nutrients that counter balance the external and internal stresses of development. Nutrients that enhance Nitrogen conversion and Amino Acids that increase microbial activity are especially important.


The Potassium component of Ultimate is critical for plants for water movement, energy production and the activation of enzymes that promote overall plant strength.


The combination of complexed and chelated ionic nutrients in Ultimate provides the optimum solution for strong and vibrant turf.

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Ultimate Benefits


  • Ultra-Low application rates
  • The perfect blend of efficient Potassium and Phosphorus
  • Enhances Nitrogen metabolism and protein development
  • Promotes uniform maturity and production
  • Enhances plant strength and resistance to drought and temperature extremes
  • Clean, easy handling solution
  • Low impurities


Enhanced Plant Quality


The unique combination of essential nutrients, fermented sugars and Amino Acids in Ultimate provides plants with the nutrition necessary for more consistent growth.

Increased Microbial Activity


Only ionic, protected nutrients are truly plant-available, resisting soil tie-up. The complexing and chelation of Ultimate with Humic and Amino Acids assures high return with very low input rates.

True Plant-Available Nutrients


Insufficient levels of Amino Acids in alternative fertilizers means that much of the nutrients remain unprotected from soil tie-up. Ultimate contains Amino Acids to fully complex and chelate nutrients, to ensure nutrient protection and enhance plant uptake.


When in sufficient supply to sequence, Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are then converted by the plant into blades, stems and leaves.


Only Ultimate contains sufficient Amino Acids to fully complex and chelate nutrients resisting soil tie-up but also to provide superior conditions for increased microbial activity. All of this leads to higher plant uptake of readily available nutrition for plants to reach their potential.


The addition of sugar manitols in Ultimate enhances the conversion of Nitrogen in plant metabolism, increasing plant growth efficiency and strength.