Sod farms demand a great deal from their soil, despite the typically solid program of inputs used during the growing season.


The growth cycle, followed by harvest, demands that the soil be prepared for a new cycle, with plenty of Phosphorus, as well as the amino acids and other natural nutrients that reestablish the microbial activity that the new sod will depend on for productive growth.


Renew 911 is designed for resodding, resprigging and reseeding on sod farms where disturbed soils lack the nutrients required for fast establishment. It also enhances the health and vigor of shrubs and flowering plants.

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Renew 911 Benefits


  • NPK balanced to promote new sod growth
  • Low application rate that provides complete nutrition for grow-in
  • Natural growth hormones promote strong root development
  • Promotes quick, uniform establishment
  • Seed safe at recommended rates 
  • Clean, easy handling solution
  • Will not corrode application equipment


Enhances Vital Microbial


Amino acids, humic and fulvic acids are not only utilized as chelation agents to protect nutrients, but are also proven as effective “food” to promote microbial activity that releases nutrients within the soil.

A Balance Of NPK For New


High efficiency nutrients, chelated for protection from soil tie-up, are balanced for the needs of new growth. New sod needs Phosphorus in particular, along with moderate amounts of Nitrogen and Potassium. Micronutrients are added to promote strong plant development and to enhance microbial activity.

Promotes Water Retention In
The Soil


The yucca extract and seaweed extract in Renew 911 enhances the soil’s ability to retain moisture, keeping your new growth in an environment of positive macro and micropore air/water ratios.


Renew 911 is more than your average “starter” NPK package, it includes natural non-plant food ingredients that are shown to promote microbial activity, boost root growth and mass, as well as enhance plants’ natural defenses against stress.


Chitin, yucca extract and seaweed extract have been known and used in agricultural settings for years, but are still relatively new to much of the sod production industry, despite the many similarities of soil becoming “tired” from constant production.


These ingredients, along with the NPK and micronutrient blend, are part of a complete program of soil replenishment –in a single package. The result is soil that is prepared to give your reseeding or resodding its best opportunity for success.