Certain levels of microbial activity in the soil are critical to efficient plant uptake of nutrients and ultimately, optimum growth.


The basic building blocks of all life forms is Carbon, and with the proper mix of both Carbon and Proteins, all plants can benefit. Additionally, Humic and Fulvic Acids act as natural complexing agents for macro and micro nutrients enabling greater Nitrogen efficiency, allowing for lower inputs.


Carbon Karma will help you grow more robust turf and crops while lowering overall nutrient inputs and increasing plant available nutrients.

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Carbon Karma Benefits


  • The most efficient source of Humic acid available.
  • Ultra-Low application rates
  • Provides important Proteins for enhanced plant growth
  • Increases Nitrogen efficiency, allowing for lower overall N inputs
  • Clean, easy handling solution
  • Will not corrode application equipment


Enhances Beneficial Soil
Microbial Activity


The short and long chain carbons within Carbon Karma provide the “energy” that microbes seek out within the root zone. The dramatically short life cycle of microbes dictates that a consistent supply of available carbon is necessary within the growing environment.

Allows For Greater Nitrogen Efficiency


Carbon Karma allows for lower overall Nitrogen inputs, which is not only more cost-efficient, but also reduces the risk of nutrient run-off into ground and surface water.

Provides Plant-Available Nutrition


The unique formulation of plant-available carbon and protein nutrients in Carbon Karma are vital for maximizing plant growth and fertility potential.

For Greater Soil Structure, enhanced microbial activity and increased nitrogen activity, Carbon Karma is your best choice.

David Zuberer, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University said, “Without a doubt, the most important limiting factor for microbial growth in soil (assuming moisture is adequate) is the abundance of available organic carbon sources.”


While there are many humic sources on the market, Carbon Karma is unique, with a carefully balanced blend of short and long chain carbons, along with proteins that are readily taken in by the plant for growth.