The Benefits and Features of P&K+: A Podcast with Pete Grosso

The Benefits and Features of P&K+™️: A Podcast with Pete Grosso

This week on Get Amped Up, we feature a Turf’s Up Radio podcast on the Amp Agronomy product, P&K+™️. Pete Grosso discusses what P&K+ stands for and how the solution works as not only a fertility product for nutrition, but as an amazing stress relief for biotic and abiotic stressors.

Pete states, “You know, plants are always under stress of some sort, whether it’s too much water, too little water, too hot, or too cold—there’s always a stress event.”

P&K+ Podcast


P&K+ is a Catalyst Technology™ reacted plant nutrient high in potassium and phosphorus. Catalyst Technology nano-sizes nutrients to deliver them to the plant in its plant-available form while chelating nutrients to prevent soil lock-up with other nutrients in the soil. P&K+ is unique in its ability to promote specific compounds designed to assist the plant in dealing with oxidative, biotic and abiotic stresses, which all plants, including turf and crops, are continuously subjected to.

To learn more about how P&K+ helps with plant stress, check out our P&K+ and Plant Stress blog. This blog discusses a variety of common plant stressors and how plants naturally defend themselves against it. P&K+ provides these nutrients to the plant so that plants don’t have to waste energy to aid in stressful events. Learn more about P&K+ product on our More Info page or Buy Now.