Setting Up for Success: A Podcast with Shannon Easter

Setting Up for a Success: A Podcast with Shannon Easter

This week on Get Amped Up, we feature a Turf’s Up Radio podcast interview with Shannon Easter about some of the appropriate turf and fertilizer tools he uses for the Broken Sound Country Club. Shannon Easter, Broken Sound Country Club’s Director of Golf Maintenance and Environmental Consultant, discusses the transformation of fertilizers and tools from 25 years ago to present.

“Traditionally, 25 years ago we paid attention to N, P, and K and the ratios. It was common to say ‘Go out and put down a pound of nitrogen,’ and anytime we had an issue, we would just fertilize the entire golf course. Today’s industry has come a long way and we actually monitor what the plant takes up through paste extractions. We monitor what is in our soils through soil sampling. Using those two tools, we can figure out exactly what needs to be put back into the soil.”

Amp Agronomy’s carbon-based products use Catalyst Technology™ to make nutrients plant-available while reducing overall fertilizer inputs. Below are our series of Amp It Up! podcasts aired on Turf’s Up Radio. Be sure to check out their website at: Listen to the podcast below to hear Broken Sound Country Club’s Shannon Easter discuss tools for success.

Podcast with Broken Sound Country Club’s Shannon Easter

For more details on what specific Amp Agronomy products and application rates Shannon Easter used at Broken Sound Country Club, check out our Fueling Success At Broken Sound Country Club blog. To learn more about the variety of grasses Sod Solutions has to offer for golf courses, check out the Sod Solutions Pro Golf page.