Overwhelming research proves that plants require an available supply of phosphorus in the beginning stages of life to reach their growth potential.


Most of inadequately protected phosphorus is wasted, forming solids in the soil (becomes “tied-up”) and becoming unavailable to plants as it reacts with calcium, aluminum, iron and other ions in the soil. This leads to nutrient deficiency, causing a lack of full turf growth.


Root Driver protects the phosphorus, giving your turf the nutrients it needs, when it needs it.

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Root Driver Benefits


  • Highest availability phosphorus fertilizer
  • Ultra-Low application rates Only 1-3 qts per acre!
  • Supplies available nutrients to your turf and plants
  • Promotes quick, uniform emergence
  • Seed safe at recommended rates
  • Clean, easy handling solution
  • Will not corrode application equipment
  • Low impurities
  • Low salt


Enhances Beneficial Soil
Microbial Activity


The short and long chain carbons within Carbon Karma provide the “energy” that microbes seek out within the root zone. The dramatically short life cycle of microbes dictates that a consistent supply of available carbon is necessary within the growing environment.

Allows For Greater
Nitrogen Efficiency


Carbon Karma allows for lower overall Nitrogen inputs, which is not only more cost-efficient, but also reduces the risk of nutrient run-off into ground and surface water.

Provides Plant-
Available Nutrition


The unique formulation of plant-available carbon and protein nutrients in Carbon Karma are vital for maximizing plant growth and fertility potential.


Fixation reactions in soils may only allow a small fraction (10-15%) of the phosphorus in fertilizers to be taken up by plants in the year of application, according to the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research.


Root Driver incorporates amino acids and carbon to protect negatively charged phosphorus molecules from forming insoluble bonds with other ions in the soil, and ensures plant-availability for sustained growth and greater plant strength through the season.


Dr. Wilcox of Purdue University reported that 5 lbs/A of phosphorus banded with the seed was equivalent to 20 lbs/A of phosphorus two inches under the seed. 


Source: Solutions Magazine, Sept/Oct 1988