Seaweed and fermentation extracts have been used in turf grass management for decades, promoting the microbial activity that is essential for the plant’s ability to access and uptake nutrients.


Eco-Soil Bio Activator takes that one step further by adding micro-nutrients that boost turf color and response. The result is an input that dramatically enhances the soil environment for your turf, and boosts the plant’s natural ability to increase root strength and mass.


Additionally, there are studies that indicate that the ingredients of Eco-Soil Bio Activator enhances plant resistance to stress.

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Eco-Soil Bio Activator Benefits


  • Enhances root growth and mass
  • Promotes increased microbial activity in the root zone
  • Increases turf color
  • Improves soil water retention and nutrient uptake
  • Enhances plant’s resistance to various stresses
  • Reduces premature senescence


Enhances Microbial Activity


Amino acids and a fermented extract provide “food/energy” to support and promote enhanced microbial activity. This plays an important role in releasing plant-available nutrients in the soil, providing your turf what it needs, as it needs it.

Promotes Root Growth


Hormones, including cytokinins and auxins, are found in seaweed extract. These hormones promote cell elongation, cell wall development, and critical root growth and mass, enhancing your turf’s ability to withstand stressful conditions and take in nutrients from your soil during these times.

Enhances Turfgrass Color


The natural hormones In Eco-Soil Bio Activator, along with select micro-nutrients, enhances both turf color and response.


High levels of several key plant hormones are contained within seaweed, as well as mineral nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.


These elements, combined with the micronutrients and fermentation extract in Eco-Soil Bio Activator combine to promote microbial populations in the root zone. Particularly during times of stress, the plant’s natural ability to excrete sugars that enhance microbial activity are limited.


Just as importantly, the hormones, cytokinin and auxin, enhance cell development and elongation, as well as stimulate the plant’s natural ability to resist various stresses. This allows your turf to grow stronger and more vibrant.