CAN 18-3-3


Carbon Amino Nitrogen, C.A.N., is a powerful mix of short, medium and long chain carbons that increase nutrient uptake to the plant. During this process, C.A.N. will increase nitrogen metabolism, balance the soil and feed microbes and plants.


This innovative product is blended utilizing our patented nano technology ultrasonic and dynamic cavitation process.



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Certain levels of microbial activity in the soil are critical to efficient plant uptake of nutrients and ultimately, optimum growth.


The basic building blocks of all life forms is Carbon, and with the proper mix of both Carbon and Proteins, all plants can benefit. Additionally, Humic and Fulvic Acids act as natural complexing agents for macro and micro nutrients enabling greater Nitrogen efficiency, allowing for lower inputs.


Carbon Karma will help you grow more robust turf, while lowering overall nutrient inputs and increasing plant available nutrients.



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Seaweed and fermentation extracts have been used in turf grass management for decades, promoting the microbial activity that is essential for the plant’s ability to access and uptake nutrients.


Eco-Soil Bio Activator takes that one step further by adding micro-nutrients that boost turf color and response. The result is an input that dramatically enhances the soil environment for your turf, and boosts the plant’s natural ability to increase root strength and mass.


Additionally, there are studies that indicate that the ingredients of Eco-Soil Bio Activator enhances plant resistance to stress.



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There are fourteen elements that are essential for plant growth, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, each of which the plant needs in larger quantities.


Some, however, are needed in small quantities, and are referred to as “micronutrients.” This does not diminish their importance, since Zinc, Magnesium, and Iron are critical for robust growth and color.


For turf managers, the right balance of micronutrients, provided in a reacted form for ready plant uptake is paramount. Macro Micro is the answer.



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Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are converted by plants into new growth. Some amino acids also play a critical role in photosynthesis, the process by which carbohydrates are converted into both energy and new proteins.


Humic acid is a common treatment, but amino acids are often neglected at the expense of potential plant productivity and plant resistance to environmental stresses.


Max Amino is a water soluble organic nitrogen fertilizer with 18 L-Amino acid and is derived exclusively from vegetable proteins!


Max Amino is 100% salt-free, 100% soluble, and 100% effective.



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Turf managers have long understood the importance of Calcium for plant nutrition, with the standard treatment often being gypsum, lime or Calcium Nitrate. While relatively inexpensive, none of these solutions are readily plant available, with a vast percentage of application lost in soil tie-up.


Mega Cal contains more than 70 essential nutrients that are plant-available, helping build stronger plants and enhanced soil conditions for optimum uptake.


Highly soluble, Mega Cal provides the industry’s most cost-effective solution for efficient Calcium nutrition.



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While Potassium is in tremendous supply within most soils, just a small fraction of 1 percent is plant-available. This means that for most turf a frequent application of soluble, plant-available Potassium is required to maximize turf growth.


Proper Potassium nutrition is critical for plants for water movement, energy production and the activation of enzymes that promote overall plant strength.


The combination of ionic Potassium with Phosphorus in P&K+ provides the optimum solution for strong turf.



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PETRO 30-0-0


Foliar Turf Nutritional 


Petro 30-0-0 is a 70% controlled release nitrogen that is engineered on four unique release characteristics to obtain constant growth pattern of the plants. Petro 30-0-0 releases the proper amount of nitrogen to the plant to avoid nitrate losses from the soil.



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Sod farms demand a great deal from their soil, despite the typically solid program of inputs used during the growing season.


The growth cycle, followed by harvest, demands that the soil be prepared for a new cycle, with plenty of Phosphorus, as well as the amino acids and other natural nutrients that reestablish the microbial activity that the new sod will depend on for productive growth.


Renew 911 is designed exclusively for resodding, resprigging and reseeding on sod farms where disturbed soils lack the nutrients required for fast establishment.



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Overwhelming research proves that plants require an available supply of Phosphorus in the beginning stages of life to reach their growth potential.


Most of inadequately protected Phosphorus is wasted, forming solids in the soil (becomes “tied-up”) and becoming unavailable to plants as it reacts with Calcium, Aluminum, Iron and other ions in the soil. This leads to nutrient deficiency, causing a lack of full turf growth.


Root Driver protects the Phosphorus, giving your turf the nutrients it needs, when it needs it.






Sodium accumulations in soil replace calcium, destroying soil structure by dispersing soil colloids. As a result, water infiltration, percolation and soil aeration are reduced. Seed germination is inhibited by high sodium levels and root growth is generally reduced.


Salt Remedy provides high levels of exchangeable calcium ions which displace sodium ions that are absorbed on cation exchange sites of soil colloids. The outcome is the restoration of soil structure and the prevention of sodium build up resulting in vigorous plant growth.



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Sod growers frequently encounter two types of soil construction problems: soils that are “dispersed,” that is, allow too much water, essentially drowning the roots or soils that are “compacted,” keeping water out of the micropores where nutrients are taken up.


Calcium has been proven to be an essential ingredient to building “flocculated”- or properly structured soil -for maintaining critical micropore spaces for root development and nutrient uptake.


SurCal+ adds an important surfactant to carry the Calcium where it is most needed, while also lowering surface tension for better water movement.



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With agronomic and bio-chemistry advances, the benefits of growth hormones for maximizing plant performance have been seen throughout agriculture.


TB-3 brings these same advantages to sports field turf and professional sod producers in a package that also includes vital nutrients for growth.


As a tool for finishing, TB-3 will prepare your turf for the rigors of the playing season, or for harvest. Color, plant strength and resistance to stress are all enhanced with TB-3, helping give your turfgrass its look before and after a high wear or high stress event.



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After establishment, turfgrass needs proteins for development and nutrients that counter balance the external and internal stresses of development. Nutrients that enhance Nitrogen conversion and Amino Acids that increase microbial activity are especially important.


The Potassium component of Ultimate is critical for plants for water movement, energy production and the activation of enzymes that promote overall plant strength.


The combination of complexed and chelated ionic nutrients in Ultimate provides the optimum solution for strong and vibrant turf.