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MegaCal Leads to Mega-Results

Amp Agronomy Solution Offers the Solution to Maximum Plant Uptake

All scientists are in agreement that calcium is an essential plant nutrient. It plays numerous roles in helping successful plant growth. Calcium…MegaCal

  • is essential in the metabolic processes that enable the uptake of other nutrients.
  • helps to structure the cell wall structure of plants.
  • assists plants in protecting themselves from heat stress.
  • helps a plant protect against disease.
  • promotes proper plant cell elongation.
  • plays a key role in the regulation of stomata.
  • is known to improve quality of fruit.

The problem is that calcium has long been delivered in conjunction with gypsum, lime or calcium nitrate. Although that approach is inexpensive, it is also highly inefficient. The vast percentage of the application gets lost in soil ‘tie-up.’

Mega Cal™️ changes everything. It is the industry’s most cost-effective solution for efficient calcium nutrition. Better still, it contains more than 70 essential nutrients that are plant-available, helping build stronger plants and enhanced soil conditions for optimum uptake. There are even more reasons that Mega Cal has become the industry leader. Mega Cal is a clean easy-handling solution that requires ultra-low input rates and will not corrode application equipment.

Mega Cal regularly proves its worth. megacal sugarcaneIn a recent July 2018 third-party controlled field test at Denais Farms in Kaplan, Louisiana, just one application of Amp Agronomy™️’s Mega Cal on a crop of sugarcane at the rate of 3 quarts per acre was able to increase the total amount of leaf tissue calcium in the plant by 23%, which then aided in the uptake of other critical plant nutrients.

Regardless of your crop, whether it is turfgrass, corn or sugarcane, getting calcium into the plant is important because calcium is the facilitator for all nutrients going into and out of plants.

By now two things should have become abundantly clear. Lack of calcium affects cellular integrity and root development, greatly jeopardizing plant health. And…Mega Cal from Amp Agronomy is the intelligent solution to maximizing plant intake. Literally.