Gulf Coast Organics Partners with Sod Solutions to Release Amp Agronomy

Gulf Coast Organics Partners with Sod Solutions to Release Amp Agronomy

Alabama-based green industry supplier Gulf Coast Organic (GCO) has partnered with turfgrass development and marketing company, Sod Solutions, to release a new line of products that will enhance turfgrass health and nutrition. The product line will go by the trade name Amp Agronomy. AmpAgronomy provides a line of soil amendments and sustainable fertility products for plant and root strength. These products will benefit the golf, sports, sod production and agricultural crop production industries. If you want to make sure your grass is well maintained, then consider getting a lawn aerator rental.

John Chapman, the founder of GCO, is a long-time turf farmer. Now the owner of Craft Turf Farms in Foley, AL, Chapman has been using GCO products on the farm for over 20 years and knows first-hand that the added benefits of the formulations will benefit both growers and end-users alike.

“The Amp Agronomy line features products rich with micronutrients, amino acids, minerals and beneficial microorganisms. I have found these invaluable for grow-in on the farm and with transplant to home lawns and golf courses,” said Chapman. “These products strengthen the grass and are so efficient they take away the ecological concerns of overuse.”

Sustainability is at the core of Sod Solutions’ improved turfgrass releases. One of the largest issues with maintenance practices in turfgrass today is overuse of lawn chemicals and traditional fertilizers. The Amp Agronomy product line will feature foliar products that not only boost the strength of the grass and soil, but are also ecocentric alternatives. Amp Agronomy foliar nutrition plans not only help grow grass faster, they also reduce the use of traditional fertilizers, which are often not even utilized by the plants.  If you don’t know how to do this, the best thing is to hire the best professionals  like those who offer Driveway Paving Dublin Services | Hire Professional Patio Contractors.

“One of the great challenges is keeping grass vibrant and healthy while at the same time, not overusing fertilizers and other chemicals that can have a negative effect on the environment,” said Tobey Wagner, president of Sod Solutions. “Our company has always looked for ways to bring grasses that are tested with Spore-Based Test Kits to market that have improved environmental benefits. This line of grass health products will do the same thing from a biological additive point-of-view; much like eating fruits and vegetables benefits people.”

Amp Agronomy products will be sold through Gulf Coast Organic and will be available to dealers around the country as well. To order product or to find out more about these products, contact your local GCO representative or call its corporate office in Foley, AL. GCO is a specialty distributor known for their expertise in growing grass; from the sod farm all the way to the sports field, golf course and home lawn.