Evaluation of AMP Agronomy Products on Turfgrass Rooting of Four Turfgrasses


To determine the influence of selected AMP Agronomy products on bermudagrass and St. Augustine grass growth and development.

Materials and Methods

This study will be conducted at the UF/IFAS West Florida Research and Education Center near Jay, FL. Treatments (Table 1) will be replicated four times and applied to bermudagrass (Latitude 36 and Tifway) and St. Augustinegrass (Palmetto and Raleigh) grown on 6” diameter PVC lysimeters (18” deep) filled with sand. Plugs (6”diameter) will be cut from sod slabs (provided by Sod Solutions), washed free of soil, and transplanted onto sand- filled lysimeters. Liquid treatments will be applied starting on 05 July and every two weeks thereafter for a total of nine applications. Granular 13-13-13 will be applied on 05 July and 30 August for a total of two applications. Turf quality and NDVI (greening) ratings will be taken on the day of initiation and continued every two weeks immediately before nutrient application. Turf quality will be measured on a 1-9 scale with 1 = dead/brown, 9 = pristine/dark green, and 6 = minimally acceptable. All tissue will be harvested and measured for turf growth. At the end of the study, shoots and roots will be harvested, partitioned, and their biomasses determined after drying at 80 °C for 48 h. Prior to root drying, roots will be analyzed using the WinRHIZO system (Regent Technology, Canada) to determine to total root length (TRL, in cm), average root diameter (ARD, in mm), total root surface area (TRSA, in cm2), maximum rooting depth (MRD, in cm), and fine root length at 0-1.5 mm diameter class (FRL, in cm).

Project Timeline

Experiment will be initiated on or about 01 July 2017 and will conclude on or about 01 November 2017. Appropriate statistical analysis will be performed and a final reported delivered by 15 December 2017.