What is C.A.N. 18-3-3?: A Podcast with Pete Grosso

What is C.A.N. 18-3-3?: A Podcast with Pete Grosso

Get Amped Up features a Turf’s Up Radio podcast on the Amp Agronomy product, C.A.N. 18-3-3™️. Pete Grosso discusses what C.A.N. stands for and how the solution works to increase nitrogen efficiency, which permits lower nitrogen inputs into your soil.

Pete states, “In order for nitrogen to metabolize in the plant, carbon needs to be available.”

C.A.N. 18-3-3 Podcast


Amp Agronomy’s Carbon Amino Nitrogen 18-3-3 product, also known as C.A.N. 18-3-3, is made up of a powerful mix of short, medium and long chain carbons that increase nutrient uptake to the plant, amino acids, and nitrogen. The multi-release point active carbon ensures that plants get the right nutrients at the right time throughout a four week period. By supplementing a plant’s production of amino acids, energy is redirected by the plant for growth, fruit production, and other metabolic functions. A precise blend of methylene urea and nitrate nitrogen gives you the quick response of nitrate and the long lasting release of methylene urea. 

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To learn more about the importance of carbon in your soil, check out our Managing C:N Ratios in Our Soil blog. This blog discusses how microbes play a role in soil health as well as how to maintain a health C:N ratio. Learn More about C.A.N. 18-3-3 or Buy Now.