What is Catalyst Technology?

Amp Agronomy™’s Catalyst Technology™, a proprietary process that employs multiple U.S. patents, is a foliar nutritional line that provides the most efficient nutrient delivery system available on the market today.

Proprietary Formulation

All Catalyst Technology products begin with a unique active carbon ortho-phosphate complex along with a patented blend of amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and macro & micro nutrients to produce fertilizers that enable plants to reach their genetic potential and outperform plants grown with established technologies.

Patented UHDC Sizing

Ultra-hydrodynamic cavitation (UHDC) nano-sizes these proprietary formulations under controlled reactions through a sonochemistry process, which enables increased plant uptake, immediate entry and availability.


Individual nutrients are protected by encapsulation. Phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients are protected from tie-up with other ions in the soil and plant leaf by forming a net neutral particle. This technology ensures extended plant availability.


Using low pressure homogenization, the formulation becomes a homogenous, stable mixture where every drop contains the identical formulation and is ready to use.