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Amp Agronomy, a foliar nutritional line built on Catalyst Technology, was developed by GCO, a green industry supplier based in Foley, Alabama. GCO has partnered with Sod Solutions to bring Amp Agronomy solutions to the agriculture industry.


With its nano-sized nutrients, Amp Agronomy enhances crops with its patented Catalyst Technology that makes the nutrients more plant available. Custom solutions are developed for specific crop or application based on a complete soil analysis. Amp Agronomy’s complete line features foliar products that not only boost the strength of the plant and soil, but also are more environmentally friendly due to ultra low application rates, typically only one to two quarts per acres.


An experienced staff of agronomics, chemists and crop consultants make up the Amp Agronomy team. With years of real word experience, Amp Agronomy’s expert team provides solutions to aid in the optimum yield of the crop or application.

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